Best Deposit £10 Get £60 Bingo Bonuses

Getting the maximum value when you are an online or mobile bingo player is much easier than you may have first thought, for unlike land based bingo clubs those online bingo sites that you can sign up to and play at always offer their new players a very wide range of different sign up welcome bonus offers.

You may be thinking that you will have to deposit some huge amounts of cash to get access to the very best bingo bonuses as a new player of any online bingo site, however that will never be the case if you visit websites such as as that website lists the best bingo sites offering the deposit £10 get £60 to play with structured bonus offers.

You are not going to find any higher valued bingo bonuses online than the 500% deposit match bonus offers and as such we really do suggest you take a look over that website and claim as many of their exclusive bonuses as you possibly can do!

However, there is much more than just bonus offers available at various different online bingo sites and in this bingo playing guide we will be taking a look at some of the more unusual bingo games you can play online and also how to use your bonus credits optimally, so read on to find out more!

Using Your 500% Deposit Match Bonus

Once you have claimed your £50 bingo bonus at any of the online bingo sites offering such a bonus then you are going to have lots of different bingo games at your disposal. However, always do ensure that you have a quick read through of the bonus terms and conditions attached to those 500% deposit match bonuses to find out if there are any bingo game restrictions.

If you are allowed to play the bingo jackpot games with your bingo bonus then make sure you enter as many of them as you can, for you could end up bagging a life changing jackpot payout if your numbers all get called out!

One thing that you are going to have to consider is just how you will make a deposit into your newly opened bingo site account. Well if you choose to use any of the many Debit Cards linked up to your bank account hen these deposits will be credited instantly into your bingo account and your withdrawals can be sent back to that bank account that is linked up to your debit card very quickly indeed.

BOGOF Bingo Games

If you want to lock in even more bingo playing value when you log into an online bingo site then be on the lookout for some of the BOGOF bingo games that most bingo sites will have up and running at various different times of the day and

When you start playing in a BOGOF bingo game then for every single bingo card you purchase you are going to be given an extra one completely free of charge. Therefore when you play BOGOGF bingo game you instantly get twice the number of winning opportunities thanks to your free of charge bingo games.

Do make the effort to find out what each of the many different bingo software platforms available from various different bingo sites all have to offer you as a player.

For when you do so you will then find a bingo software platforms that will suit you down to the ground, one which comes highly recommended and pone that powers a huge number of online bingo site is the one from Parley Entertainment, so take a look over their website for details of what it will offer you by way of features and option settings!


CasinoBefore you go to the casino to play slots, it is important that you know the two types of machines so that you can identify which one is suitable for you to play with and ensure big amount of profits. It is a fact that most of the casino players would want to maximize their winning. To win more easy money is the true essence of gambling.

This is the reason why many individuals would go to the casinos to gamble. Gambling is fun and entertaining. Many people find this as a perfect form of entertainment. But, most of the casino goers would want to earn more money from winning aside from having a great means of amusement and recreation. Make sure use your brain and choose a machine that would fend in money for you. You can earn big money by choosing the right machine.

CasinoThe first type of machine is the straight machine or a strait slot machine. . This always pays winnings in accordance with a predetermined payout schedule. Note that it pays with the same amount all the time when players hit a specific symbol combination. There are many companies that produce slot machines. These slots machines were designed scientifically for the purpose of gambling.


CasinoOne strategy is to ‘hit and run.’ You will surely maximize your potential to win. ‘Hit and run’ means quitting after you have won. Do not use the money you have won to play again, and do not play with the same machine that made you win. There is no such thing as ‘hot’ slot machine. As we mentioned, the RNG changes the combination for several thousand times in every second.

CasinoThere is no guarantee that it will give you a winning combination again. Self control is another strategy. Set a budget for your play and stick to your allotted budget. Once the limit is reached, stop playing. This is better rather than spending all your money and winning nothing. If not, set a time. Once you reached the time, go out of the casino. At least, you still have money to play later.

Another strategy is to check all machines and payouts that they offer. Choose the one that gives the best or highest payout for every coin spent. The fewer coins for a bigger jackpot is better. Speaking of jackpot, there are bonuses. Again, compare and select the one that requires use of fewer coins but gives higher bonus